About Worthy Craftsman

Worthy Craftsman Story & Promise

No crazy story here... Just someone who enjoys woodworking and passionate about creating something truly special and unique. Each piece is personally handcrafted, so you can be confident there's nothing else like the piece you choose!

After fixing up an old shop that needed a ton of work, I'm finally ready to get woodworking. Our first official sale was just made in early 2022, so really just getting going.

Attention to details is what matters most to me... Personally finding impressive wood slabs full of figure and stunning patterns helps create a truly unique piece sure to garner attention. That, combined with a unique touch, is my promise to you - one of a kind handcrafted woodwork.

Perhaps the best part of creating unique wood work, is the time I get to spend doing so with my two boys. I enjoy getting their input and feedback, and listening to their ideas on what to build next. I'm really hopeful my boys and I can continue making beautiful wood pieces for years to come. Any purchase from you really does help us continue and for that, I can't thank you enough.