Worthy Oil and Wax

Worthy Oil and Wax

Are you looking for a premium solution to protect and enhance the beauty of your wooden surfaces? Look no further than Worthy Oil and Wax. This high-quality product is specially formulated to provide superior protection and nourishment for your wood, while also being food contact safe. This was created by Worthy Craftsman and used on our boards. Several people have asked for recommendations and the choice is between average quality or sky-high prices. Now Worthy Oil and Wax is your best option.

What makes Worthy Oil and Wax stand out?

Worthy Oil and Wax is a unique blend of natural oils and waxes, using all natural, food grade, materials that penetrate deep into the wood, creating a durable barrier against moisture, stains, and daily wear and tear. Unlike traditional wood finishes, Worthy Oil and Wax is food contact safe, making it ideal for use on cutting boards, countertops, charcuterie boards, wood utensils and other wooden surfaces in the kitchen.

Why choose Worthy Oil and Wax for your wood care needs?

With Worthy Oil and Wax, you can rest assured that your wooden surfaces are receiving the best care possible. The product is easy to apply, dries quickly, and leaves a beautiful satin finish that enhances the natural grain of the wood. Plus, its food contact safe formula means you can use it with confidence in your kitchen.

How to use Worthy Oil and Wax

Applying Worthy Oil and Wax is a simple process. Start by cleaning the surface to remove any dirt or debris. Then, apply a thin, even coat of our Worthy Wood Oil with a clean cloth. Allow the oil to penetrate the wood for a few minutes, then wipe off any excess. Next, apply a thin, even coat of our Worthy Wood Butter with a clean cloth. Allow the wood butter to sit and absorb, then wipe off any excess. Our wood butter uses organic beeswax, so rub into wood surface for best penetration into wood fibers. For best results, repeat this process with our Worthy Wood Wax, a harder, more durable wax that will give you an even better finished sheen as well as better protection. Follow these steps every few months to keep your wooden surfaces looking their best.

Experience the difference that Worthy Oil and Wax can make in your wood care routine. Elevate the beauty and longevity of your wooden surfaces with our high-quality, food contact safe product line.

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