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First Time Festival Vendor

Had an awesome time at Moneta Farmer's Market where we tried our hand as a vendor for the first time. It was both fun and a nice learning experience as we worked through it. Talking and meeting people from our community and surrounding areas was easily the best part. Got a tremendous amount of feedback, what they like from shapes/sizes to types of wood, as well as some other ideas to work on when I'm back in the shop. One person in particular said something I really liked - "really beautiful but functional... I'd call it functional art." I may have to try to market it as such, has a nice ring to it. Several people noticed a particular board turned to the side looks like a fish or whale... I never noticed and I was the one who made it... Just goes to show how observant I really am. You get so honed in on the details and miss the bigger picture sometimes. Again, learned a lot from each and every person who swung in and gave me some of their thoughts. This will only help me get better over time so it's something I really enjoyed. Definitely worth doing again and anxious to be back sometime soon.

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