First Blog Post

First Blog Post

Now that the website is finally published with a few boards listed for sale, I'm now posting Worthy Craftsman's first blog post!

I plan to post periodic updates from the shop, the family, maybe post some videos of projects, where I usually have the help of my two sons, Tristan and Jake. Of course I'll also post updates on deals and sales. 

Really looking forward to continue to build this business and brand where my two boys could take over when and if that's something that interests them. The time I spend in the shop with them is worth more than any sale, but both them and myself are always happy to see someone purchase one of our boards.

Worthy Craftsman came from them, as well as friends and family encouraging to sell some of things we've made in the shop with just a handful of tools to start. The first board we made is actually going to be listed for sale with some sort of certificate of first handcrafted board... Who knows maybe one day I'll try to buy it back :)

catering boards and my two sons


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